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Name of organization:  Sancta Maria primary school



A. Providing good education for gifted children


We are a primary school. Our core task is providing good education, that means suitable education for every child.

We pay special attention to gifted children. We supply different learning routes. We compact and enrich where necessary. For children who need more than that, we have a pull out program, where they can work together with other gifted children on more difficult learning materials. For those who still need more, we provide individual learning paths.


B. Sharing knowledge and experience with others, to help them improving their practice


We are one of the 13 Flemish ‘selected schools for gifted students’. We try to  share our knowledge and experience with gifted children and organise information moments and learning networks for other primary schools. For this, we work together with ‘Project Talent’  and the other 12 ‘exemplary schools’.


Another way of sharing  our knowledge is participating in SOM, a network of people in Leuven who are concerned about gifted children. SOM brings together schools and other people who work with gifted children, to exchange knowledge and experience.


The third way we share our knowledge is by providing internships for students. In teacher training, giftedness is rarely or never discussed. Students can graduate without knowing anything about gifted children and their educational needs. We want to give students the opportunity to observe or participate in the way we work, so they can start their professional careers with at least a basic knowledge of working with gifted children.


Contact person’s data: 

Birgit Gypen (teacher of the pull out program)


Dutch / English / French (basic)


For other languages: Ingrid: English/ German / French / Spanish (basic), +3216236715


European Talent Point data:

Basisschool Sancta Maria


Current activities:

We are a primary school that provides suitable education for every child, also for gifted children. We supply different learning routes, compact and enrich ,we have a pull out program,…

More info on and (in Dutch)


As a European Talent Centre we offer the following to the forming of a European Talent Support Network:

We want to exchange knowledge and good practices with other members. 

We look forward to gain more knowledge by being a member of a dynamic network.

We are ready to receive visitors from other Talent Points.

We would like to participate in scientific research.

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